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Steven, a 30-year-old father, is raising his two children alone after losing his wife in a tragic car accident 6 months ago. Steven and his children—Dana, age 8, and Johnny, age 10—have suffered emotionally over this loss. Steven is also struggling with the practical task of getting himself to work and the children to school on time during the week, although family and friends are assisting with the children on weekends.

Dana and Johnny are having increasing difficulties at home and in school. Dana is not eating well and wants to be left alone most of the time. Johnny is getting in fights with the children in his class. Steven, along with his sister Renee, recently met with the school counselor and teachers to discuss the children's situation. School officials are aware of the children's recent loss of their mother and have suggested that the family receive bereavement counseling and art therapy to help them through this traumatic time. Renee has agreed to help Steven with the children in the evenings. 

Which Protective Factors Are Present In The Scenario?