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Caitlin, a first-time, 21-year-old mom with a 3-month-old son, Tony, is living with Caitlin's 55-year-old mother in a three-bedroom townhouse. Although Caitlin's mother provides some support, Caitlin is very nervous about caring for her son. Tony becomes fussy at times, and Caitlin struggles to understand his cues and to soothe him. Janice, a home visitor with Early Head Start, discussed infant massage with Caitlin during her weekly home visit. Janice explained that infant massage could be beneficial for Caitlin and Tony's bonding and may help Caitlin comfort and calm Tony. Caitlin was receptive to learning more. 

Janice demonstrated by laying a blanket on the floor and using a doll to model for Caitlin. Caitlin brought Tony over to the blanket and positioned him just as Janice had done with the doll. Janice explained how Caitlin can rely on Tony to let her know how he feels about the massage. If Tony enjoys the massage, she can continue, but if he shows that he no longer wants massage or has another need (such as a dirty diaper, hunger, fatigue, or needing a cuddle), she should follow his lead and stop the massage. As Caitlin stroked Tony, he smiled and engaged with her. Janice commented to Caitlin about what a nice conversation she was having with Tony. Caitlin smiled and said, "I think he likes it."

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