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Protective Factors in Practice - Scenario 2

Lina, age 25, and her 3-year-old son, Diego, moved from Bogota, Colombia, to Virginia 1 year ago to be with her older sister and her family. Lina is happy to be with her older sister but misses her parents, who are still in Colombia. Although Lina is able to speak English, she is experiencing some culture shock in her new environment. Lina is working in her sister's hair salon.

Lina's sister recently helped her enroll Diego in Head Start. He is verbal and very energetic; however, his behavior is sometimes aggressive, and he occasionally pushes other children. He has a hard time finishing any classroom activity. When his teacher tries to talk to him about his behavior, he shrugs and ducks his head, often appearing startled or afraid. His teacher learned from the Head Start family advocate that Lina has recently started seeing a new boyfriend. Because the family advocate has a good relationship with the family, it was decided to schedule a family team meeting to discuss Diego's behavior and offer support to Lina.

Which Protective Factors Are Present In The Scenario?




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