Using Photolistings to Recruit Families

Photolistings that share pictures, videos, and stories of children awaiting adoption can be a great way to help prospective families get to know the children better and generate more interest in adoption. However, they also take some effort to create and must be maintained in order for both the agency and the children it serves to get the most out of them. These resources describe effective ways to use photolistings to find families for children awaiting adoption.

Encouraging Your Staff to Use Photolistings in New Ways (PDF - 619 KB)
AdoptUSKids (2012)
Explains how child welfare agency leaders and managers can encourage staff to use AdoptUSKids photolistings actively and in new ways to search for families for children on their caseload.

Featuring Photolisted Children—Selecting Children and Preparing Your Agency's Response (PDF - 173 KB)
AdoptUSKids (2012)
Includes strategies for selecting photolisted children to feature through social media and tips for how to prepare the agency to respond effectively to prospective parents who inquire about featured children.

Finding Families on AdoptUSKids
Provides an overview of several tools and resources to help professionals find prospective adoptive families.

How to Photolist and Manage Cases
Discusses how to photolist and manage cases using the free photolisting services from AdoptUSKids.

Lasting Impressions: A Guide for Photolisting Children (PDF - 647 KB)
AdoptUSKids (2012)
Describes best practices for creating a photolisting, including preparing children, families, and others for photolistings; writing a child's description and taking his or her photograph; and maximizing the photolisting's effectiveness.

Preparing for Media Recruitment and Publicity (PDF - 42 KB)
Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange, Inc. (2007)
Provides tips for workers to help children and youth, as well as their current caretakers, prepare for media exposure during the recruitment process.

Register Your Agency With AdoptUSKids
Discusses how to create and find child and family profiles and provides tools for managing cases and accounts.


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