State and Local Efforts to Support Permanency

Although child welfare systems differ across the country, learning what other States, agencies, or organizations are doing can help inform or shape your programs or policies. Below are a few examples of State and local efforts to support permanency for older youth that could be useful for adapting to fit your system.

Family Find and Engagement Initiative (PDF - 24 KB)
Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (2015)
Discusses an overview of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Social Work and The National Center for Permanent Family Connectedness—Seneca Center that pilots the Family Find and Engagement Initiative. The initiative includes an additional permanency consultation option through State permanency consultants to assist counties in utilizing the model for specific out-of-home care cases.

Health Care Foundation Grantee Spotlight on Extreme Recruitment
Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Agency (2014)
Discusses Kansas City's Extreme Recruitment campaign which finds older youth adoptive homes with relatives/kin before they age out of foster care.

Nobody Ages Out
You Gotta Believe
Discusses a statewide campaign in New York City to ensure every youth in foster care has a permanent family before they reach the age of 21. The campaign has three distinct goals: 1) to educate foster care and child serving agencies on the effectiveness of older youth adoption to prevent homelessness and other social problems the children who age out of care face; 2) to attract new stakeholders and other parties who can improve permanency outcomes; and 3) to raise awareness about the older youth who are waiting to be adopted from the foster care system.

A Parent for Every Child: Final Program Report
Ruppel (2013)
View Abstract and Download
Shares findings from an evaluation of the Parent for Every Child project, a 5-year recruitment project funded by the Children's Bureau to identify and prepare permanent families for youth with serious emotional, behavioral, and developmental challenges who are legally free for adoption in New York.

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