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Social media can be an excellent way to contribute to National Adoption Month and help raise awareness about the need for families for youth in foster care. Sharing information, videos, or tools from the National Adoption Month website through your various social media channels can be an easy way for your networks to get more information or get involved.

Use these sample messages for Facebook and Twitter to help promote National Adoption Month in November and all year long.


  • Repeat posts multiple times to reach a wider audience
  • Schedule the majority of your posts in the afternoon
  • Use quotes, links, and images to attract greater attention


For Promoting National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month. This year's theme, "Teens Need Families, No Matter What," centers on building an effective response system that will support efforts to achieve lasting permanency for teenagers in foster care. #NAM2017 #adoption

For Professionals

Learn how to create a response system that actively develops prospective adoptive families, continuously supports adoptive families, and intentionally engages with families and youth from the first point of contact. Learn more on the #NAM2017 website! #adoption

November is National Adoption Month, and this year's focus is on building a system that responds well to the unique needs of teenagers and prospective adoptive families. #NAM2017

Understand your area's specific recruitment needs, find tips for recruiting and responding to prospective families for teens, learn how to include youth in your recruitment and trainings, and check out successful child-specific strategies on this year’s NAM website. #NAM2017 #adoption

Don't let teenagers give up on adoption. Start a conversation and share stories from other teens. Learn how with info, tips, and tools on the #NAM2017 website. #adoption

For Families

November is National Adoption Month. Teenagers who have spent years in foster care need the commitment and care of a loving family to help them transition into adulthood with the foundation and support they may never have had. #NAM2017 #adoption

If you're thinking about adoption, open your heart and your home to a teen. Visit the #NAM2017 website to learn more and learn how. #adoption

What's it like to adopt a teenager? Find out by tuning into adoption videos and podcasts on the #NAM2017 website. #adoption

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You've recruited them, now what? Preparing families to adopt a teen from #foster care.  #NAM2017 #adoption

Supporting families before, during, and after the #adoption of a teenager from #fostercare. #NAM2017 #adoption

Looking to develop prospective families for older youth adoption? The roadmap is here! #NAM2017 #adoption

How do you talk with older youth in #fostercare about #adoption? Tips for professionals here #NAM2017

Videos and Podcasts: Hear stories from other families created through #adoption. #NAM2017

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