Finding Support After Adoption

Needing help, information, or formal support days or even years after your adoption has been finalized should be expected and is completely normal. Individuals and families will inevitably change with time and new challenges, circumstances, and questions will arise.  This section provides an overview of the different forms of support that are available to adoptive families and addresses how families and youth can find help when they need it.

Connecting With Your Teen (PDF - 421 KB)
Child Welfare Information Gateway (2016)
Encourages parents and caregivers to maintain strong bonds with their teens and offers tangible tips and strategies to do so, even as they move toward independence.

Adoption Assistance for Children Adopted From Foster Care
Series Title Factsheets for Families
Child Welfare Information Gateway
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Download (PDF - 369KB)
Year Published 2011
In every State there are children with special needs waiting in foster care for adoptive families. The most recent data estimate that 126,000 children are available to be adopted from foster care. In the past, the costs of care and services were major obstacles to parents who would otherwise adopt and love these children, and most were not placed for adoption. The Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980 provided the first Federal subsidies to encourage the adoption of children from the nation's foster care system. These subsidies, known as adoption assistance, serve to minimize the financial obstacles to adoption. In addition, other types of assistance often are available to help with medical care or other services. Adoption assistance serves to remove barriers and contribute to an increase in adoption of children with special needs. This factsheet discusses this assistance by reviewing: Federal Title IV-E adoption assistance, State adoption assistance, and how to arrange adoption assistance.

For Parents & Families
Center for Adoption Support and Education
Provides adoption-focused resources for families, including counseling and educational services workshops, publications, and webinars.

Support for Parents Who Adopt From Foster Care
AdoptUsKids (2017)
Provides an overview of the financial and medical assistance and services available to families who adopt children from foster care.

6 Questions Every Adopted Teen Wants Answered (PDF - 362 KB)
Center for Adoption Support and Education (2017)
Reviews six common adoption-related questions teenagers who have been adopted may have and suggests how parents may be able to help.

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