Being an Engaged and Involved Teen

As a teenager in foster care, you may have some questions or uncertainty about your future. Figuring out what to do and what choices you have can sometimes be difficult and confusing for any teen. This section is designed for you. It includes information about your permanency options, useful tools as you think about transitioning to adulthood, and how to find support from other teens who have been in foster care and understand what it’s like. 

Transition (Aging Out): 21 Things: It's T Time
FosterClub (2017)
Provides information and tools to help youth successfully transition from foster care. The website regularly features information about higher education and scholarships, permanency pacts, independent living, and more.

What You Gotta Believe Offers Youth
You Gotta Believe (2014)
Highlights TV and radio shows for young people where youth talk about the challenges of foster care, finding a family, and being part of a family. The website also features You Gotta Believe’s Facebook page where young people can connect and share stories with other teens who have been in foster care and now have permanent families.

Pact Teen & Tween Clubs
Pact (2017)
Holds monthly meetings during the school year specifically for foster and adopted teens of color; mentoring sessions; and facilitated discussions about race, identity, and offsite activities and projects where youth are given the opportunity to mentor younger members of the Pact community.

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