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May 16, 2017

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Locating and communicating a child’s history is an essential step in helping prospective parents plan for adoption. This month, Adoption Triad highlights the importance of accessing thorough background medical and social information on a prospective adoptive child.

Giving adoptive families answers to their questions allows them to consider if they have the resources necessary to care for an adopted child. It also enables adopted children to have a more accurate sense of their identity in the future. Detailed background information includes the prospective adoptive child’s relationship to their birth family, prior trauma, and any potential special needs. Knowing and understanding the effect of this information helps to provide a thorough continuum of care, thereby mitigating future adoption disruption.

The resources below are designed to facilitate an open dialogue between prospective families and adoption agencies about the background information necessary in making informed adoption decisions:

  1. Learn about the importance of finding and accessing thorough information in Obtaining Background Information on Your Adopted Child from the Child Welfare Information Gateway. This factsheet for families also provides questions that prospective adoptive parents should ask adoption agencies and offers recommendations for obtaining additional information.
  2. Find State and territory contacts to access birth, death, marriage, or divorce records through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Where to Write for Vital Records.
  3. Learn about the cumulative effect of trauma on positive youth development with Understanding Trauma by AdoptUSKids. This resource provides information on the ways in which an adoptive child’s prior experiences may affect their behavior following adoption.



Jennifer Osborne, Content Coordinator
Child Welfare Information Gateway

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