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April 18, 2017

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This month, Adoption Triad highlights the importance of providing a continuum of adoption support and preservation services for current and prospective foster, adoptive, and kinship parents.

With timely and effective development and support from child welfare agencies, prospective foster, adoptive, and kinship parents will be better equipped to meet the needs of children in their care. Child welfare agencies and adoption professionals start to build this relationship at the first point of contact, and it continues past adoption finalization. The skills and knowledge prospective and current foster, adoptive, and kinship parents will gain through ongoing engagement will improve their awareness, skills, and confidence, enabling them to focus on building a strong and stable foundation for their family.

The resources below are designed to help child welfare and adoption professionals improve the pre- and postpermanency support services available for all families:

  1. Access the Quality Improvement Center for Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation’s Intervention Program Catalog for information on specific evidence-based programs and services or use promising practices to provide pre- and postpermanency support to families.
  2. Find details on specific program models as well as tips for implementing and sustaining support services in the guide Support Matters: Lessons From the Field on Services for Adoptive, Foster, and Kinship Care Families from the National Resource Center for Diligent Recruitment at AdoptUSKids.
  3. Read information about the recruitment of foster and adoptive families for children in foster care, including summaries of issues, best practices, and tools from the Recruitment, Retention, and Preparation webpage of the North American Council on Adoptable Children.



Kelly Canter, Adoption Program Manager
Child Welfare Information Gateway

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