Parental Substance Use as Child Abuse - Alaska

Date: July 2019

Citation: Alaska Stat. § 47.17.024

A practitioner of the healing arts involved in the delivery or care of an infant who the practitioner determines has been adversely affected by, or is withdrawing from exposure to, a controlled substance or alcohol shall immediately notify the nearest office of the Department of Health and Social Services of the infant's condition.

Citation: Alaska Stat. § 11.51.110

A person commits the crime of endangering the welfare of a child in the second degree if the person, while caring for a child under age 10, does either of the following: 

  • Causes or allows the child to enter or remain in a dwelling or vehicle in which a controlled substance is stored in violation of chapter 11.71
  • Is impaired by an intoxicant, whether or not prescribed for the person, and there is no third person who is at least age 12 and not impaired by an intoxicant present to care for the child