Episode 8: Engaging Fathers Part 3

Date: January 2017

Length: 30:04 

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Transcript:   cw_podcast_engaging_fathers_part3_transcript.pdf   [PDF, 393 KB]

How can child welfare agencies and local fatherhood organizations partner together to improve father and paternal family engagement in the lives of children involved in the child welfare system? This podcast features an example of a successful partnership and showcases how the agencies came together, the benefits and outcomes from the partnership, and the keys to success from the perspectives of the State and local agencies, the fatherhood organization, and the fathers involved. 

Child Welfare Information Gateway created a three-part podcast series on engaging fathers and working with fatherhood organizations. Part 1 and Part 2 of this series feature a conversation with leaders of local fatherhood organizations. The discussion provides perspective, insights, and recommendations to help child welfare agencies partner with fatherhood organizations to enhance the engagement and involvement of fathers and paternal family members in establishing permanency and safety for children in the child welfare system. 

Part 3 of the series provides listeners with insights gained from a partnership occurring in Spartanburg, SC. "Engaging Fathers Part 3" features the following individuals: