Episode 17: Family Group Decision-Making: Parent Advocates in New York City

Date: November 2017

Transcript:   cwig_podcast_fgdm_parent_advocates_transcript.pdf   [PDF, 123 KB]

This podcast showcases how parent advocates, who have past experience with the child welfare system, are using their knowledge to help support families within Family Group Decision-Making (FGDM). Listeners will learn how New York City's Enhanced Family Conferencing Initiative (EFCI) expands the role for its parent advocates to work with families.

New York City's Administration for Children's Services launched EFCI after receiving a Children's Bureau grant in 2015 to explore FGDM. EFCI was deployed in eight neighborhoods in the Bronx. Parent advocates are usually only offered to families at an initial child safety conference, but EFCI connects the advocates with families throughout the family's entire case plan. Parent advocates work with the Administration for Children's Services under a contract with the Center for Human Development and Family Services.

This podcast, 'Parent Advocates in New York City', provides an overview of EFCI, which follows the principles of FGDM, and offers insight into how parent advocates steer families through their case plan, provide emotional support to the families, and use their past experience within the child welfare system to enable better outcomes for their client's families.

Parent Advocates in New York City' contains a conversation with the following individuals:

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