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In Their Own Words: Lifting Up Youth Voices

Older youth in foster care and those who have been adopted have a unique opportunity to help others by sharing their insights in ways that can shape the future of child welfare practices and programs systemwide. Not only do young people deserve the right to advocate for their own interest, they provide expertise, fresh ideas, and passion. Youth engagement can also help ensure that programs are more relevant and effective. This year, National Adoption Month aims to elevate the voices of teenagers and highlight ways that professionals can incorporate their valuable perspectives to improve child welfare practices.

This year's National Adoption Month microsite includes resources and tips to help the child welfare field develop and support opportunities for former foster youth to effectively share their voices to help educate communities and shape child welfare and adoption processes and policies, including recruitment practices, training resources families, and other permanency support services. This year's website also contains resources designed specifically for youth, such as how to get involved and ways to share your story effectively. Use the resources below to develop both formal and informal opportunities for young people use their own words to inform recruitment practices, training resources for families, and other permanency support services:


3 Resources About Lifting Up Youth Voices

AdoptUSKids Speakers Bureau

By AdoptUSKids

The Road to Adulthood

By Annie E. Casey Foundation


National Adoption
Month Video Gallery

By Child Welfare
Information Gateway


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