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Adoption-Competent Mental Health

Access to mental health services is an essential component of effective postadoption services. Because of the dramatic changes associated with adoption, families often need assistance navigating new relationships and situations. In this month’s Adoption Triad, find resources detailing the purpose and range of mental health services specifically designed for adoptive families.

Providing adoption-competent mental health services requires an understanding of the many issues involved in adoption, including trauma, attachment, and development. Practitioners have the ability to help children heal within the context of their new family and are therefore an important component of postadoption services. The resources below help adoptive families and child welfare professionals to make informed decisions about acquiring and utilizing adoption-competent mental health services.

3 Resources to Engage Youth & Support Families

National Training
Initiative Adoption Competency
Mental Health Training

By Center for Adoption Support and Education’s (C.A.S.E.)

Selecting and
Working With a
Therapist Skilled in Adoption

By Child Welfare
Information Gateway


Directory of
Adoption Competent Professionals 

By Center for Adoption Support and Education’s (C.A.S.E.)


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