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Providing a Continuum of Adoption Services

Historically, adoption support services typically have been provided after adoptions were legally finalized and usually only offered for discrete periods of time. However, emerging trends in adoption casework practice have recognized that comprehensive supports for adoptive families, with a specific focus on preparation and prevention before adoption finalization, better equip adoptive parents to provide permanency for their children.

There are multiple opportunities for adoption professionals to incorporate support and preparation into their work with prospective and adoptive parents. For example, child and youth assessments can help identify the type of information needed to effectively prepare adoptive parents. Supportive services also include connecting adoptive parents with longer-term, community-based resources like support groups and adoption-competent mental health professionals. This continuous provision of services connects families with the interventions they need in order to create permanent and lasting connections with their children. Below, find resources about best practices in providing a continuum of adoption support and preservation services to families.


3 Resources About a Continuum of Services

Adoption Support
and Preservation Services Guide

By Child Welfare
Information Gateway

15 Types of Support Services for Adoptive, Foster, and Kinship Families

By AdoptUSKids


Introduction to the
QIC-AG Permanency Continuum

By Quality Improvement Center for Adoption and Guardianship Support
and Preservation



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