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January 16, 2018

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­Understanding the Benefits of Support Groups

Individuals touched by adoption are united by a unique bond. Support groups for foster and adoptive parents can provide valuable opportunities for open and honest dialogue about common experiences or issues related to adoption. Regardless of the type of organization sponsoring a group or the formal and/or informal nature of the setting, support groups bring together parents who likely face similar challenges and questions as they redefine themselves as adoptive families. 

Parents can offer valuable insights based on their own adoption experience and give and receive support through an exchange that benefits all parties. Adoption support groups are a great way to explore practical problem solving, coping strategies, and where to find extra help or resources if or when they are needed.

  1. Browse our National Foster Care and Adoption Directory (NFCAD) to search for parent support groups in your area. The NFCAD includes birth family and adoptee search support groups as well as kinship, foster care, and adoption support groups. 

  2. Visit the North American Council on Adoptable Children's website to connect with additional organizations and support groups across the country and Canada. 
  3. Explore the American Adoption Congress to identify support groups that may best meet your needs.   .



Marilena Lea, Information Support Coordinator
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