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Perspectives of Adoptees

As no adoption experience is like any other, adoptees' stories provide a unique perspective and insight into a lifelong journey with its blend of joys and challenges. Some of these narratives speak to the struggles and obstacles faced by many of our nation's children and youth who are waiting to be placed in a safe and permanent home. The impact of past maltreatment and trauma, the effect of loss and grief, and thoughts and feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability are some of the recurring themes.

Successful adoption stories that tell us of children and youth who live meaningful, resilient lives—surrounded by their supportive adoptive families—can also offer a glimpse into the traits and characteristics of parents who are best equipped to ensure a positive outcome. The following articles and video highlight the diversity and complexity of the adoption experience from the eyes and voices of youth who were formerly in foster care, including Foster Club's "Failed Adoption Was Not the End of My Story".


3 Resources About Perspectives of Adoptees

"Being Loved Has
Taught Me How to

By AdoptUSKids

"Adoptive Family-Negotiating Normal"

By the Administration for Children and Families


"Maci Kean PSA"


By the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption 


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