Engineering Support and Love Through Adoption

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A Caucasian man with his young foster son smiling at the camera.

In the fall of 2017, Douglas’s grandson will officially become his adopted son. He is the third grandchild Douglas will adopt.

Douglas has a great understanding of the care and support it takes to raise a child who has been adopted: His three adult children were adopted. He says raising his adoptive children has not always been an easy journey, but they started the journey because they loved children and wanted a family of their own.

As he cares for his grandchildren now, Douglas continues to educate himself around mental health and developmental care in order to be a better parent. He also is glad he is retired as he raises his grandchildren so he can be most available to them and give them opportunities to excel.

The young man who will be adopted this fall would like to become an engineer, so Douglas has encouraged his grandson’s goals by putting him in Young Scholars camp and providing him with circuit board kits so that he can begin learning about engineering. Douglas continues to encourage, support, and love his grandson unconditionally as he is met with challenges and successes.

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