Committed to Caring

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An Elderly Caucasian man and woman with their four foster boys, and one foster girl.

Kathy and Steve are extraordinary people. Their love of children and assisting those in need led them to care for and create a family with five young children between the ages of 21 months and 9 years. Steve and Kathy have been married for almost 47 years—yeah team! They have two adult biological children, a son who is 44 and a daughter who is 41. During the course of their first child-raising experience, their niece, who is now 36, was also a part of their family. Those three children are healthy, productive adults.

Kathy and Steve are again raising children as older parents. They believe that with their intervention and love, their second wave of sons and daughters—who call them Mom and Dad—will also grow to be healthy, loving adults. They describe their lives as happy and very busy! Kathy believes it is a blessing to be a part of an even larger family called The Kinship Navigation Programs because the program keeps children connected to familiar members of their community and/or to biological family members.

At this juncture, Kathy and Steve are committed to their five new “children” family members. When biological parents are unable or unwilling to make the necessary changes to respond to the needs of their children, it is an extraordinary act that takes much courage when others are willing to offer their home and themselves to raise the children. Steve and Kathy could be retired and living on a beach in California, metaphorically speaking; instead, they are happily caring for five young children. Thank you Kathy, Steve, and all those who are willing and committed to caring for children through The Kinship Navigation Programs.

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