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Finding Unique Families for Unique Children

A Foster Care Worker's Story

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KVC Nebraska (KVC NE) is known for being innovative and meeting the needs of Nebraska children and families no matter what the need, and recruitment is no exception. There is always talk about the need for more foster parents in the western part of Nebraska. In 2016, KVC NE launched a new recruitment initiative to recruit families in the North Platte area. The first foster parents KVC NE identified were Christina and Jeff. The couple had been talking with the NE Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) about becoming foster parents, and DHHS referred them to KVC NE.

One of KVC's values is "children can't wait." Christina and Jeff held that same value, and before anyone knew it, Christina and Jeff were providing respite care and considering placement for a 9-year-old boy with unique needs who needed a safe, loving home with foster parents who were both patient and gentle. On June 6, 2016, Christina and Jeff took placement of this young man. Since that day, he has thrived in their home. They provide him with the structure and support he needs to be successful. Christina and Jeff have said that their goal is to expose this young man to new experiences and create happy childhood memories. They have gone above and beyond their goal by taking a family vacation to Worlds of Fun, going fishing, going camping, and hosting a birthday party, just to name a few. Christina and Jeff take photos and place them in a scrapbook for their foster son to remember his experiences in their home. Jeff and Christina pay close attention to his interests and plan activities accordingly. The foster parents coordinate closely with the school, and the young man's teachers report a positive change in behavior and communication since being placed in this foster home. Christina and Jeff have shown their continued dedication to providing a loving and safe home for him. KVC NE feels privileged to have Christina and Jeff as foster parents, and we are grateful for their compassion for Nebraska children and families.

KVC NE is a behavioral health organization and a child-placing agency that provides foster services for individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. To learn more about the array of services provided at KVC NE, visit https://nebraska.kvc.org.

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