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Family Ties: The Kinship Connection

A Kinship Adoption Story

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Kinship families bring a unique view and voice to foster care. My wife Brenda and I received a phone call that our four grandchildren were placed in foster care. They asked if we would like them placed with us rather than placed in a foster home. We called it a "choice without choosing" since we have been a part of their lives from birth and we would never turn them away. To get our grandchildren placed with us, we had to move 140 miles away from home and family. In November 2005, our grandchildren were placed into custody, and in April 2006, they were placed with us. We adopted our grandchildren in December 2010.

Like life, our family's story has many different challenges but many more successes. My wife and I have been married for 34 years. We've had 4 daughters and 15 grandchildren, all of which has taught us the importance of the family connection and the role family plays in our lives. James, our oldest who is now 19, no longer receives systemic support but receives the support of our family. He is attending a local junior college and resides with my sister. Tre'Nae is a junior, Mason is a freshman in high school, and Kiaunna is in the sixth grade. Our family ties have always been and will continue to be a support to us. As we go through life's challenges, the kinship connection makes the difference.

To learn more about kinship care, read Child Welfare Information Gateway's factsheet for families Kinship Caregivers and the Child Welfare System at https://www.childwelfare.gov/pubs/f-kinshi/.

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