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30 Days to a Family

A Kinship Adoption Story

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Michael and I had talked about becoming foster parents all summer, but then circumstances pushed us to move forward. My best friend Stephanie called to say her sister had delivered a baby girl on August 11. Bella was placed in the care and custody of the Children's Division when she tested positive for amphetamines, but the mother asked that we take the baby. We weren't licensed and were unsure of next steps, but we knew the family well. Qiana, a specialist with Cornerstones of Care's 30 Days to Family, worked with the parents to identify possible placement resources for Bella. She visited our home to discuss placement with us and completed a kinship home study, recommending Bella be placed with us.

We had 2 weeks to be ready for an infant. The youngest of our three daughters was 8, so we had no provisions for a baby. Qiana had a list of what we needed and brought a lot of it to us. She and our family development specialist went above and beyond in communicating with us, helping us to know what to expect and working with us through the process. We felt immediately like Bella was meant to be with us. Despite services offered to the parents, Bella did not reunite with them. We were able to adopt her the day after her first birthday. Bella's parents aren't really in the picture at all. Her mom terminated her rights immediately. We communicate with her father, but he hasn't seen her. He agreed we should keep Bella and give her a forever home for her first birthday. And her Aunt Stephanie visits her every month.

To learn more about the preventative, treatment, and support services Cornerstones of Care provides to youth and families, visit https://cornerstonesofcare.org/.

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