What Family Really Means, PA

A group of people in a courtroom after an adoption.I’m Christy, and my husband Kevin and I became foster parents on November 8,2018, and our lives changed forever. We took in three beautiful little girls. A few short months later, we took in their older brother. We eventually grew to a family of 12 with four grandchildren. When asked if we’ll adopt all these kids and keep them together, my husband and I said, “Absolutely! How can anyone break these kids up?” We love them as if they were our own and we want them to realize what a loving happy home is like. We’ve grown very attached to these kids and our goal was to always help them understand what family means to us. We want them to know what it’s like to have family holidays and birthday parties together and cook outs with family and friends. I wouldn’t trade them for anything and if asked if I would do it again, my answer is, “Absolutely.” It’s about making a difference in their lives and showing them what parents do for their children.

Christy and Kevin are foster parents with the Westmoreland County Children’s Bureau. To learn more about how to become a foster parent with Westmoreland County, visit its website.