Never Too Old To Care, GA

Woman and young boy standing in front of a sign in masks.In 2019, Yvonne, without hesitation, decided to serve as Division of Family and Children’s Services (DCFS) relative placement for her grandson, The Amazing Tyler (age 6). At age 67, she never imagined that later in life she’d be a full-time parent, but she just wouldn’t have it any other way. As a former educator, Yvonne felt compelled to do all she could for her grandson to have a bright future despite the trauma he’d experienced. Yvonne’s first significant change was to relocate so that Tyler could enroll in a better school district. Then, after settling into their new routine of school drop-off and pick-ups, medical/counseling appointments, and all that comes with caring for a school-age child, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Yvonne relied on her former experience and provided Tyler with structured daily activities to help improve his reading and comprehension skills while not being able to attend school in-person. Her sole focus as a grandmother was to see Tyler thrive and addressing his educational needs was only the beginning. Today, Tyler is actively involved in church, swimming, basketball, and fishing. He has even discovered a love for helping to make breakfast. The Amazing Tyler will without a doubt grow into a young man with many talents, but most importantly he will grow up in a loving and nurturing home. Now, at age 70, if anyone is curious as to how Yvonne can keep up with Tyler, she will tell you it takes a village. She is supported by her daughter and her son Tyler’s father. Tyler also enjoys the opportunity to visit with his mother and siblings each Friday. Yvonne is not sure when DFCS will decide that Tyler can return home to his mother, but she intends to always play an active role in his life.

Yvonne is a kinship caregiver through the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. To learn more about Georgia’s Kinship division, visit its website.