From Toddlers to Teens: Adopting 4 Siblings, MO

Family portrait with four kids smiling.Larry and Mattie live in Portageville, MO, and have been married for 26 years as of October 2021. The couple desired to have children of their own with no success after being married for 9 years. After having a conversation with a close friend, Larry and Mattie decided they would adopt children. They contacted their local Department of Social Services Children’s Division office in New Madrid County, MO, to get more information on what was needed not for adoption, but for foster care. After receiving information from the Department of Social Services Children’s Division office, they decided to take the classes that would qualify them to become kinship, respite, foster parents, emergency placement, and adoptive parents. Through many obstacles with different families or families of the children in their care they decided to proceed with adopting the four siblings in their care now: Menisha, Desirae, Roniah, and Taylor. Larry and Mattie have cared for these children, all on the autism spectrum, since they were toddlers and are now all teenagers, with the oldest being 16 and the youngest being 14.

Recently, with the help of ParentLink providing vital information on contacting the right resources, Larry and Mattie have been able to finalize the adoption of last child in their care.

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