Rooting for Love, UT

Three kids holding hands while walking.Hi, my name is Jennie. Four years ago, my husband, two older children and I, welcomed two adorable little boys into our home! And we fell, instantly, in love! Funny, how fast that happens! We were able to adopt them later that year. One of the best days of my life! We felt like we were done having children. Fast Forward to a year ago, we received a call from DCFC, informing us that the boys’ birth mother had another baby that was in State care. They were wondering if we would be willing to take the baby into our home since they were siblings. After discussing it, we decided we would take the baby and that it would be best to keep the siblings together. It was a beautiful 9-month-old baby girl! And she had my heart as soon as I set eyes upon her. I had always wanted a sister, for my oldest daughter. And the two of them just clicked. The Birth mother did really well and was able to reunite with her little girl. It was very bittersweet for me. I was glad for the birth mother, and we became friends. I knew how much she loved her baby. But I loved her, too. It was very hard for all of us when she went back. I wasn't sure I would ever see her again. So, a few days later, when the birth mom texted me and asked to stay close, I was so excited! And we have stayed close. We invited her to a Superbowl party, barbeques, even camping. And she let us take the baby every other weekend and on vacation with us. She also had another baby that she would let us take. Unfortunately, we got another call from DCFS, about 4 months ago, saying that the birth mother was using again, and the two babies were back in State care. So, they are back with us for now. But the mom is doing well and will probably be reunited with them. We are truly rooting for her. We are all family now. I will still claim them as my kids, and my daughters will both have a sister now. I know that all the siblings will grow up knowing each other. Because that's so important to both us Moms!