Doing the Best for Our Family, UT

Woman and boy standing in a field outside.My wife and I have been a very large presence in my nephew's life since he was born in March 2019. His mother abandoned him at the hospital and his father was struggling with his own addictions and needed a lot of help. My brother continued to struggle with addiction, and we took my nephew in while he is seeking additional help. As of October, my wife and I were granted guardianship and medical proxy over my nephew. He has been doing amazing and is having weekly visits with his father. My brother is still in his son’s life and they talk and visit weekly to maintain their relationship.

My nephew is a happy and healthy boy. He is all caught up with doctor's appointments and dental visits. He is learning all his colors, numbers, and ABCs. He is really doing amazing on his potty-training adventure and loves his teachers and friends at daycare. He is such a smart and loving boy, and we are so happy that we are given the opportunity to take care of him and give him the stability that he needs to be successful and happy in life. I'm so thankful to GRANDFamilies for helping me out through the entire process when I was in a completely unfamiliar world just trying to do the best thing for my family.

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