Putting the Grand in GRAND Families, UT

Man, woman, and girl standing outside smiling.When our son died of an accidental overdose, we never anticipated the arrival of a cute, brown-eyed baby girl 8-and-a-half months later. Fortunately for us, his girlfriend allowed us to get to know her, and we have been in love with her ever since. When our granddaughter’s mother left and placed her with her maternal great-grandmother, we were again so blessed to maintain a relationship where we had our granddaughter almost every weekend. We hoped for the day when we might be able to help give her a stable home.

When her great-grandmother turned 80, the responsibility to care for a 7 year old was just too much. Because of our continued relationship and with the support of her mother’s side of her family, we stepped in and offered full-time care. We were thrilled to do so! But it wasn’t until someone told us about GRANDFamilies that we were able to take the steps toward legal guardianship. They told us what we needed to do and helped with every piece of paperwork. And the day finally arrived to go to court. GRANDFamilies was there to support us. We had not had any response from our granddaughter’s mother, and so we were surprised when she showed up for court. But things went well. Her mother agreed to the guardianship, and we were ecstatic! GRANDFamilies was incredible then and has continued to be incredible ever since. We have benefitted from classes where our granddaughter sees other children in the same situation, and we’ve loved the activities GRANDFamilies has provided. Words cannot express how grateful we are for this wonderful organization!

To learn more about GRANDFamilies and the Children’s Service Society of Utah, visit its website.