Getting Support While Giving Support, NC

Office filled with holiday gifts.High Country Caregivers (HCC), a nonprofit based in the North Carolina mountains, offers an innovative program helping keep youth in forever homes. High Country Caregivers assists grandparents raising their grandchildren when their parents are unable to, due mainly to the opioid crisis. Here is a story of one of the grandmothers they serve.

Susan began caring for her two granddaughters when her daughter got involved with substance use.

“High Country Caregivers has truly been a blessing. They involved the kids with the Christmas gifts last year, which was a total blessing because we are on a fixed income. They also paid to send our kids to a therapeutic camp this summer. They also helped with legal fees to help us get custody of the girls. I think one of the best things about this program for me is just being able to relate with others about what is going on with our kids. The Relatives as Parents Program is a group where we can share stories with families having the same issues. Our kids have severe trauma and it’s good to be able to vent and talk about it. I also get to listen to others about what they are going through. In the long run we are all able to help one another and share in support.

My eldest granddaughter enjoyed being with the volunteers at the High Country Caregivers Halloween and Christmas parties (organized by Appalachian State University AOPi). She is closer to their age, and I think she really enjoyed that. It was positive for her to see what can be accomplished with hard work by girls her own age. My youngest is still a work in progress, but each time she is with the group at camp or with the other kids involved with HCC, she seems to really relate to what they are going through.”

High Country Caregivers is located in Boone, NC. Its mission is to provide advocacy, support and education for kinship caregivers and their families.

To learn more about High County Caregivers, visit its website.