Community Collaboration for Reunification, OR

Four kids standing outside of a door.One of our Every Child Curry Co-Directors has been forming a relationship with a local mom, as she's been working diligently toward reunification. The mother and her son had experienced homelessness at the time that her son entered foster care. The mother had been trying unsuccessfully to find permanent housing, one of the criteria necessary for reunification, when amazingly, through collaboration with community partners, the bill of sale to a mobile home was given to this mom! The home needed quite a bit of work. Every Child Curry staff, volunteers, and My NeighbOR supporters have been able to support this mom with move-in costs, new carpet donated and installed, and handymen services for toilet and sink repair. The son's room was also supplied with a new bed, mattress, bedding, toys and a bookshelf, and most recently, a volunteer crew came to help paint the outside of the home.

Now that this mom has safe and stable housing, reunification may be expedited!

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