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Connect your followers and friends to National Foster Care Month!

Use social media to directly engage your audience and encourage followers and friends to connect with each other. Create awareness of the array of free resources, tools, and real-life stories on the National Foster Care Month (NFCM) 2018 website and do your part to empower caregivers and strengthen families.

Use these social media posts to spread your message via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Update your social media pages with free NFCM pictures and images from the NFCM Graphics page.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Social Media Post #1: Community Engagement

Foster parents and relative caregivers are heroes in the lives of children. Create a community that supports them this #FosterCareMonth. #NFCM2018

Social Media Post #2: Spread the Word

It's National Foster Care Month! Celebrate the importance of kinship and foster caregivers and spread the word through emails, social media posts, and more. #NFCM2018 #FosterCareMonth

Social Media Post #3: Kinship Resources

Child welfare professionals have a tough job supporting kinship caregivers. Find tools and resources designed to help your practice. #FosterCareMonth #NFCM2018

Social Media Post #4: Real-Life Stories

What's living in foster care like? Children, parents, and resource parents share their powerful experiences on the National Foster Care Month website. #NFCM2018 #FosterCareMonth

Social Media Post #5: Homepage

Over 430,000 children and youth live in foster care. Make a difference in their lives! Learn about mentoring, respite caregiving, and more this #FosterCareMonth. The #NFCM2018 website has resources for communities, parents, and children!

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Tweet #1

Make a difference in your community! Learn to support foster & kinship parents this #FosterCareMonth #NFCM2018

Tweet #2

Understand how foster care affects children and caregivers by reading powerful stories. #FosterCareMonth #NFCM2018

Tweet #3

Raising your relative's children? It's challenging. Find support this #FosterCareMonth! #NFCM2018

Tweet #4

It's #FosterCareMonth! Spread the word about the importance of foster and kinship care! #NFCM2018

Tweet #5

There are 430,000+ children and youth in foster care. You can make a difference this #FosterCareMonth! #NFCM2018 

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