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Connect your followers and friends to National Foster Care Month!

Social media can help you inspire your colleagues, friends, and followers to promote National Foster Care Month. Encourage your contacts to learn more about the resources, tools, and real-life stories and ask them to share the information with their own networks to help make a difference in your community.

Use the sample social media posts below to help raise awareness about ways the foster care system can support a process for strengthening families’ capacity to nurture and provide for their children’s well-being. Update your social media pages with free National Foster Care Month pictures and images from our Graphics page.


Social Media Post #1: Theme

Community partnerships can strengthen support systems that help reunify families so foster care becomes a greater support to families, not a substitute for parents. Visit the National Foster Care Month website to learn more. #NFCM2019  

Social Media Post #2: Real-Life Stories

May is National Foster Care Month! These inspiring real-life stories from families and professionals made our day! Help us raise awareness by sharing these empowering experiences. #NFCM2019

Social Media Post #3: Community Engagement Resources

A strong child welfare workforce depends on partnerships between agencies, local organizations, and community supports to stabilize families and prevent reentry into foster care. Learn more. #NFCM2019

Social Media Post #4: Support Services Resources

Supporting collaborative relationships between birth parents and foster caregivers is one important way the child welfare system can assist families. Check out the #NFCM2019 resources to learn more.

Social Media Post #5: Family Reunification Resources

Developing holistic approaches to supporting families in the child welfare system can improve reunification outcomes. National Foster Care Month 2019 provides resources to help. #NFCM2019

Social Media Post #6: Stay Connected

May is National Foster Care Month! Follow Child Welfare Information Gateway and the Children’s Bureau to help spread the word on ways to strengthen families and their support systems. #NFCM2019

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Tweet #1

With the right mix of support services, communities can help keep families together. Foster care should be part of that support and not a substitute for parents. Learn more. #NFCM2019 #Childwelfare 

Tweet #2

Child welfare and community partnerships play a critical role in supporting family reunification and in preventing re-entry into foster care. #NFCM2019 has resources to help.

Tweet #3

There are 440,000 children and youth in foster care. Share what your community is doing to support and honor the foster families and kinship caregivers who support them. See the events calendar link on the #NFCM2019 community page! 

Tweet #4

Follow @childwelfaregov before, during, and after #NFCM2019 for important resources on how to support foster and kinship caregivers and families on the path to reunification. #FosterCare

Tweet #5

May is National Foster Care Month! Share these inspiring real-life stories and raise awareness of the need for strong, collaborative communities that help keep families together. #NFCM2019 #Childwelfare  

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