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NFCM Facebook Campaign

NFCM Facebook Cover Photo

Notice: The National Foster Care Month Campaign Facebook page is now deactivated. We thank everyone who has supported and contributed to the success of this first-ever, Children’s Bureau-sponsored National Foster Care Month Campaign Facebook page, specifically through your posted resources, stories, events, and overall engagement.

We encourage you to keep the momentum going by following the Child Welfare Information Gateway Facebook page. Send any inquiries to info@childwelfare.gov, and an information support specialist will be happy to help.

Share, learn, and engage with the foster care community!

If you are involved or interested in National Foster Care Month 2016, the National Foster Care Month Campaign Facebook Page is the forum for organizations, groups, partners, parents, caregivers, and youth to promote the great events, resources, stories, and photos happening in their neighborhoods and across the country celebrating National Foster Care Month.

Join the page and connect your network to share:

  • Local and national NFCM events—tell us when and where your events are happening
  • Photos and stories from your events
  • Inspiring stories of amazing youth, families, caregivers, and professionals
  • Resources and information you use to help honor, unite, and celebrate families
  • Connections to new partners and organizations within the foster care community

The National Foster Care Month Campaign Facebook page is a service of the Children's Bureau and Child Welfare Information Gateway. Posted comments do not necessarily represent the views of Child Welfare Information Gateway or the Children's Bureau. For our full comment policy, please visit http://www.hhs.gov/web/socialmedia/policies/comment-policy.html.