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The Children's Bureau, in partnership with Child Welfare Information Gateway and the Child Welfare Capacity Building Collaborative, is pleased to offer webinars in support of National Foster Care Month and National Reunification Month. These webinars emphasize the importance of engaging and supporting foster parents and kinship caregivers and highlight strategies to support foster parents and birth families as they work together to reunify children with their families.

National Foster Care Month webinar

The National Foster Care Month webinar highlighted this year’s theme on the importance of identifying, developing, and supporting prospective and current foster parents and kinship caregivers. Read more about webinar:

Supporting Caregivers While Promoting Positive Outcomes (May 10, 2017)

National Reunification Month webinar

The National Reunification Month webinar will highlight programs and strategies used by States to support reunification and engage caregivers and parents in innovative partnerships. Register and read more about webinar:

Innovative Practices to Promote Reunification (June 8, 2017)