Finding Foster Families Who Gave me the World

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My name is Miguel. I came to the United States when I was 9 years old. I lived in Mexico with my mother until she overdosed on drugs in the bath tub right in front of me. I was then sent to an orphanage in Tijuana, where I spent a few weeks until one of my mom’s friends came to get me. I’m still not certain if he was my father or not. He picked me up and illegally got me across the border to the United States. We were in Phoenix, AZ, living with a friend of his for a couple of weeks when he got caught stealing cars, was arrested, and sent back to Mexico. I stayed with his friend and we moved to Newcastle, WY. He was not a nice guy and did terrible things to me up until child protective services raided our home late one night, pulling me out of that house and putting me in foster care. I could never be adopted because I didn’t have a birth certificate. But, I was raised by two different foster families that gave me the world, and I will be forever grateful to them. Now I am a married man of 17 years, I run my own auto repair shop, I have a pilot’s license, and have been honored at the Hispanic Caucus in Washington, DC. I credit all my success to my wonderful foster parents! 

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