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One Year and One Day: Foster Parenting Leads to Forever Home

A Foster-to-Adopt Story

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I had known since I was a child that I would be a foster parent. I also hoped that we would adopt, but I never expected it would happen so quickly. Larry and I were licensed to become foster parents on September 20, 2015. We met Cornerstones of Care's home finding manager, Mary, at our last STARS class, and Mary told me about the Home Finding Center process. We talked about our skills and what would be best in our home. God bless the STARS and Spaulding prep classes. They helped us set realistic expectations. Even then, I was surprised and excited when Cornerstones' home finding specialist, Nicole, called me soon afterward about a 2-year-old African-American boy who needed a foster home. 

Nicole made a great match based on the information we shared with Mary, and she encouraged us to accept the placement. We got to meet him less than 48 hours later, and he was placed with our family on October 5. Three-year-old Matthew became our son last October 6: 1 year and 1 day after he came to live with us. We were prepared to wait a long time for the right match, but if you go into foster care with the hope you can help a child in need and maybe you can build your family, the opportunity is there. You never know what's going to happen!

To learn more about the preventive, treatment, and support services Cornerstones of Care provides to youth and families, visit https://cornerstonesofcare.org/.

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