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Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

Strengthening Families and Communities: 2011 Resource Guide

Developed for service providers, the 2011 Resource Guide highlights strategies to strengthen families by promoting key protective factors shown to prevent child abuse and neglect. It also includes tip sheets in both English and Spanish on specific parenting issues. Use the guide to encourage students to partner with parents to identify and build on family strengths and address challenges.

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Promoting Healthy Families
Here's a Tip

Screen Shot for Promoting Healthy FamiliesThe Tips for Working With Specific Groups section of the 2011 Resource Guide offers suggestions on Partnering With Culturally Diverse Families and Communities (page 41).

Lead an online or classroom discussion in which students identify different cultural groups living in the communities where they practice. What are some specific family norms and parenting expectations of those groups? Have students brainstorm how their agency might more effectively partner with families in each group. What strengths of the community—e.g., culture, spirituality, traditional family structures—might child welfare workers draw upon to more effectively engage and support families at risk?

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