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Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

Prevention Program Evaluation Toolkit and Logic Model Builder

The FRIENDS National Resource Center has developed an Evaluation Toolkit to help prevention programs with evaluation efforts. The toolkit assists child abuse and neglect prevention, family support, and parenting programs with evaluating effectiveness and improving outcomes for children and families.

One component of the Evaluation Toolkit is the Logic Model Builder. The Prevention Program Logic Model Builder is an online tool that walks programs through the process of creating a logic model including outlining services, assumptions and resources, selecting short-term and long-term outcomes and associated indicators, selecting appropriate instruments, and viewing the final logic model in one of several different formats. Users may save their work and/or print the finished model.

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A Coordinated Response to Child Abuse
Here's a Tip

Have students develop a logic model for a child abuse and neglect prevention program.  Discuss the assumptions on which the model is based, the ways in which the logic model supports program planning and evaluation, and fundraising and sustainability efforts.

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