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Family-Centered Practice

Father Involvement

What About the Dads? Child Welfare Agencies’ Efforts to Identify, Locate and Involve Nonresident Fathers

This research study, conducted by the Urban Institute and the National Opinion Research Center, was designed to:

  • Examine the extent to which child welfare agencies, through policies and practices, involve nonresident fathers of foster children in casework and permanency planning.
  • Describe the various methods used by local agencies to identify fathers of children in foster care, establish paternity, and locate nonresident fathers.
  • Identify challenges to involvement, including characteristics and circumstances that may be constraints and worker opinions of nonresident fathers.
  • Identify practices and initiatives that may increase father involvement.
  • Explore how child support agencies’ information resources may assist to identify and locate nonresident fathers

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Here's a Tip

Have research/evaluation students discuss the strengths and limitations of this large, multistate study.  Students completing clinical coursework could review the study’s findings and identify ways that research findings could/should inform their future practice with families. 

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