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Services and Birth Family Relationships

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Screen Shot of Openness in Adoption
Working with Birth and Adoptive Families to Support Open Adoption

Open, or fully disclosed adoptions allow adoptive parents, and often the adopted child, to interact directly with birth parents. This Bulletin for Professionals presents information on laws regarding open adoption, research findings, implications for agency policy, open adoption for children in foster care, unresolved issues, situations where open adoption is not in a child’s best interest, and resources for more information.

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Screen Shot of Sibling Issues in Foster Care and Adoption
Sibling Issues in Foster Care and Adoption

This bulletin explores research, intervention strategies, and resources to assist professionals in preserving connections among siblings when one or more are adopted or in foster care. The importance of the sibling bond is supported by Federal legislation and child welfare best practices that emphasize keeping siblings together whenever possible. Ways to maintain the sibling connections when brothers and sisters are living in different homes are also discussed.

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