Using Social Media in Adoption

There are so many different social media platforms and ways to use them to interact with prospective adoptive families that it can be hard to know where to start. These resources offer advice on the possibilities for using social media in adoption and link to examples of what other States are doing.

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Protecting Your Tweeps: Using Social Media in Child Welfare Organizations [Webinar]
National Resource Center for Child Welfare Data and Technology (2012)
Offers best practice basics for planning and implementing social media policies and programs that protect workers, children, and families.

Social Media and Social Networking in Child Welfare [Webinar]
National Resource Center for Child Welfare Data and Technology (2011)
Provides an overview of social media and social networking basics followed by examples and lessons learned from child welfare agencies.

CDC's Guide to Writing for Social Media (PDF – 1,607 KB)
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2012)
Addresses the principles of effective social media writing and offers tips about how to write for different social media platforms. The guide includes a glossary and additional writing resources.

Child Welfare and Technology (PDF – 15,820 KB)
LaLiberte & Snyder (Eds.) (2011)
Offers numerous articles on the impact of technology on child welfare practice, including guidance for agencies considering a social media presence and a description of Arizona's use of videos to recruit foster and adoptive families.

Do You Facebook or Twitter?: Survey Findings Report
Holmes, Cody, Madden, Ayers-Lopez, & McRoy (2010)
Assesses the attitudes and awareness of 746 professional child welfare staff about social media and its potential use as a tool for the recruitment and retention of foster and adoptive families.

Facebook/Internet and the Adopted Child
Creating A Family
Examines the effect the Internet has on adopted children.

Finding Family on Facebook (PDF – 15,832 KB)
Bodner & Knapp (2011)
Summarizes a poll of 79 young people in foster care that explored how they use the Internet to locate and reconnect with family members from whom they have been separated.

Living and Learning With New Media: Summary of Findings From the Digital Youth Project (PDF – 2,662 KB)
Ito et al. (2008)
Provides an overview of a 3-year study on how young people use new media and how these practices are changing the dynamics of youth-adult interactions.

Social Media for Child Welfare Resource Guide (PDF – 1,126 KB)
National Resource Center for Child Welfare Data and Technology (2012)
Provides an overview of social media and describes how child welfare professionals use social media in their work.

The 12th Annual Conference: Social Media, Smart Phones and Safety: How Technology Is Changing Child Welfare Practice
Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare, School of Social Work, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (2011)
Provides links to conference video and materials. This conference included presentations by current and former foster youth and a local child welfare agency that describe its experiences with social media and technology.


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