What Does Permanency Mean?

According to the Information Gateway glossary, permanency is "a legally permanent, nurturing family for every child and youth." Increasingly, permanency also includes less formal connections, especially for youth who may have been removed from their families of origin and who have moved multiple times while in foster care. Youth can establish permanent connections with adults who will be there when they need them (i.e., provide assistance and support), including families of origin, kin, and others who have been important in their lives regardless of their legal relationship. For more information on the history and context of permanency see Concept and History of Permanency in U.S. Child Welfare.

This section provides resources on permanency and what it means to be a permanent connection for children and youth.

Spotlight On

Being Matched With a Child
Contains information on the process of being matched with a child or youth. This webpage also contains a video in which older youth share their perspectives on being adopted.

Adoption Tip Sheet: What Adoptive Parents Should Know
(PDF - 22 KB)
Minnesota's Adoptee Advisory Committee (2010)
Lists advice from adoptees to prospective adoptive parents regarding expectations, building relationships, and more.

Digital Stories From the Field: Young Adult Perspectives
National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections (2010)
Provides videos of youth formerly in foster care who give their perspectives on youth permanency, placement stability, educational support, and relationship building.

Permanency Pact
Foster Club (2006)
Describes how to create a permanency pact, which is a pledge by a supportive adult to provide specific supports to a young person in foster care with the goal of establishing a lifelong, kin-like relationship.

Tips From Youth for Foster and Adoptive Parents (2,590 KB)
Ramsey County (Minnesota) Community Human Services (2012)
Contains advice for foster and adoptive parents from youth who are in foster care, waiting to be adopted, or have been adopted.

Adopt a Teen

Adopt a Teen
Families First (Georgia)
Presents a 2-minute video of the top 10 reasons to adopt a teen.



Video Gallery

Video Gallery

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